Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Many Toys

Too Many Toys by David Shannon: Book Cover
written and illustrated by David Shannon
ages: pre-reader through grade 3

Spencer has toys of all kinds: wooden pull toys, big toys, small toys, and electronic toys. But his toys are starting to take over the house. When Spencer's Mom tells him that some of the toys will have to go, the battle begins. Which toys will Spencer get to keep? Will Mom prevail? Will they ever see the floor of his room again?

David Shannon is a shining example of an author who combines creative storytelling with wonderful illustrations. The result is a story that both parents and children will enjoy; in our house we have read it multiple times in one day! Any family that has more than just a few toys will find that this book hits home-especially for Moms who get to take care of all of them. Witty and fun, Too Many Toys is a great read for preschool through the early elementary years. Look for Shannon's other picture books: Alice the Fairy and the David series.