Friday, July 6, 2012

Torn Series

Torn, Tangled, and Bound

Ages- 14+

The series written by Erica O'Rourke is about a girl, Mo Fitzgerald, who witnesses her best friend's murder in the first book.   As the police try to discover the "real" truth, Mo's family becomes a suspect because her father is in jail and her family is connected with the mob.  Her uncle hires a body guard, Colin who Mo begins to fall for. As she investigates further, she finds out that her best friend, Verity, was magical.  Verity was murdered because of her magical connections.  Mo becomes involved in the magical world and has a strong connection a magical boy, Luc. 

After her first adventure, Tangled, she again is needed in the magical world and has to make some difficult decisions about her life.  Mo is torn between her love for Colin and Luc.  She struggles with the magical world when she has no magic, but the magical world needs her presence. 

Bound is the third book in the series, I have not read it, but I am interested to see how the trilogy ends.  Will she choose the magical world with Luc and her powerful connection with him or the human world and her strong love for her previous bodyguard Colin that could protect her from her families connections? 

This series is alright.  Mo is not as annoying as Bella is in Twilight, but frustrating enough as struggles between the two worlds. 

Warning to Parents: Mo is a typical teenager who struggles with the lustful feeling she has Colin. She begs Colin to give her into her lustful feelings.  He refuses.  The book language could be considered inappropriate for some families.   

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

by Richard Paul Evans
Ages: 12 +
Book Trailer
If you liked "I am number four", you will LOVE this book.  Michael knows that he is not a typical 14 year old boy with Tourette's Syndrome and special electric powers.  He knows that he is different and believed he was unique until he meets another girl, Taylor, with similar powers.  Michael and Taylor investigate their backgrounds to discover the truth about why they have this powers with the help of Michael's best friend, Ostin.  They quickly find out that somone is hunting for this special children and try to help those other children imprisoned. 

I was surprised Richard Paul Evans wrote this book, it doesn't seem to fit his genre of other books, but extremely enjoying reading this book.  I felt myself sucked into the world he created.