Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bear in Underwear

by Todd H. Doodler
Ages: pre-readers to 5

Bear found a backpack while playing hide and seek with his friends.  When they opened the backpack, they found it was full of different kinds of underwear.  Bear tried all the kinds on.  He finally found a pair that was just right.

I saw this book in the bookstore.  I was drawn to it because of the cover.  Bear was in underwear and the underwear was soft on the cover.  This is a great story to help start interest in potty training.  My favorite part when Bear tries all the kinds of underwear.  I died laughing.  Go to the library and get this for those pre-readers to get them ready and interested in learning about going the potty. 

Monday, July 11, 2011


by John Rocco

A young girl and her family lived in the big city.  She wanted to play a board game with them, but everyone was too busy using the computer, watching television, and talking on the phone.  Then, suddenly all the lights went out in the city.  Because it was a hot and sticky, the family decides to go outside and they notice the stars in the sky, talk with their neighbors on the street, and were able to spend time together as a family.  The lights returned and everything went back to normal, but not completely. 

I was drawn to this book in the library because the cover intrigued me.  I loved the pictures of this book as well as the theme.  It focused on making sure we noticed the small things and take time with our family doing things together.