Saturday, November 30, 2013

Princess of Midnight Ball and Tuesdays at the Castle.

By Jessica Day George
Ages- 10+

Rose is the oldest of 12 princess that are cursed to dance every third night for the King Under Stone and his 12 sons.  They are prevented from speaking about the curse and how it began to any prince who tries to solve the mystery of why the princesses dancing shoes are worn out every 3rd night.

Galen Werner just returned from fighting in the war and lives with his aunt and begins to work at the palace garden with his uncle. Galen meets an old woman, whom he shares his food, and she returns the kindness with giving him magic knitting needles and invisibility cloak.  When Rose meets Galen in the palace garden she knows he will be the one to break the curse, but how and what price? 

I enjoyed this book and the creativity of the story.  It is a magical world that curses those that make deals with the wrong people.  Good overcomes evil.  This is the first book in a series, Twelve Dancing Princess.  Each book has its own story about one of the princess as they grow up.
Book # 2- Princess of Glass
Book #3- Princess of Silver Woods

Another book about written by Jessica Day George Day that I enjoyed was Tuesdays at the Castle.  It is about a "living" castle.  Princess Celie is excited that every Tuesday the castle creates a new room.  The king and queen's fate becomes unknown and Celie protects the castle with her knowledge of the castle's powers.