Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Post: Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky
by: Sheila Turnage

This guess post is courtesy of my book-hungry 4th grade daughter, Regan. She finished this beauty in one day....

Here is her review:

Moses's hometown will never be the same. As a baby, Mo was sent during a hurricane on a raft to North Carolina. Nobody knows where Mo is from. She got her name because of how she arrived in town-like the prophet Moses. Colonel and Ms. Lana adopted her and she grew up in a cafe. Her best friend Dale helps her save Ms. Lana, Colonel, and the whole town. When murderers and cops come to town, it is up to Moses to save the day! 

I would recommend this book to others because this story tells you how to accept and enjoy your life.You may think that Mo is a normal girl, but you are wrong. This book has lots of suspense and surprises. Three Times Lucky is a book best read by ages nine and up.


Three Times Lucky

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Percyjacksonrockz said...

Hi Im 10 and I love the series of Percy Jackson and heroes of olympus by Rick Riordan . I am a mega book worm and all these books on here are great.Graciepj